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liposuctionA 37-year-old nurse and mother of three is on life-support after going to a Weston, Fla. Med Spa for a routine liposuction reports the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

The attorney for the physician who performed the procedure at Weston Medspa said Rohie Kah-Orukotan, a nurse, did not suffer complications until the end of the procedure.

“She went in for a routine  liposuction performed by (Dr. Omar J. Brito Marin) without any complications until the very end, at which time Dr. Brito immediately administered emergency care and called 911,” attorney Brian Bieber told the Sun-Sentinel. “Paramedics arrived; they noted all emergency procedures put into place were proper.”

State officials told the newspaper that the privately owned clinic is not licensed to perform liposuctions under general anesthesia. It could perform a scaled down version of a liposuction procedure while a patient is awake, however. Bieber said he didn’t know which type of procedure Brito performed. State records show Brito is not a board certified plastic surgeon and has a background in occupational medicine.

Kah-Orukotan remained unconscious, with no brain activity, Wednesday at a Florida branch of the Cleveland Clinic, where her family is agonizing over whether to keep her on life support, the family’s attorney said. It’s been five days since Kah-Orukotan had the procedure.

Medspas across the country offer cosmetic procedures like botox, laser hair removal  and lighter versions of liposuction known as laser liposuction or Smartlipo for fat removal. Under the care of a licensed physician, these procedures are relatively safe.

Laser liposuction is still considered a surgical procedure and must be done by a qualified doctor.  If a patient is going to use general ansthesia, then the patient needs to have surgical procedures like liposuction done where there are emergency facilities  to handle complications.

Even local anesthesia such as the use of lidocaine can cause complications. If an overdose of lidocaine is given,  the patient can have seizures.

Under state rules, medical offices do not have to be licensed to perform laser iposuctions or some other procedures  that use only local anesthesia. It’s unclear which type of liposuction Kah-Orukotan had.