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LOS ANGELES, CA – On April 14, 2010, Adrienne Braxton 33, a nurse’s assistant, was the only person who ran to help a man who was left in the middle of Pico Boulevard and Western Avenue in Los Angeles early Monday morning.

Adrienne Braxton, a nurse's assistant, was carjacked while trying to save a man's life. CBS

Minutes after a fatal car accident, Adrienne Braxton, gets carjacked trying to save a man's life.

Braxton saw someone in pain, ran to help but ended up being carjacked as she tried to save the injured man’s life. But the local health care worker with a big heart wouldn’t give up without a fight. CBS 2/KCAL 9’s Melissa McCarty has the story of a terrifying carjacking… Read Full Story

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Some 1,500 nurses and technical staff walked off their jobs on Wednesday, April 1, furious that the hospital had cut a popular tuition assistance program and had failed to add nurses in what they described as understaffed units, among other grievances.

Hundreds of nurses and technical employees walked a picket line Thursday amid a standoff over management demands for benefit cuts and other union concessions.

“It’s a matter of respect,” said nurse Lisa Antenucci. “They broke the contract that we had, and we don’t feel they will keep the contract that we will get.”

The hospital, which brought in 850 replacement workers to staff the hospital during the strike, said that patient care had been unaffected and that the hospital was providing all of its normal services on Thursday. Read Full Story